Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out with the fake art

Found this at D D's Discount for $8. Yeah, I know. I am not a fan of the fake art either. But I wanted to use the frame. So I took this thing apart and got my measurments.
I used bead board and applied 3 coats of the magnetic paint. Once that was dry I painted it red.

Once the red layer was dry I used an inking technique using paint. I sprayed some of my black paint into a little puddle and dipped a small section of my rag into it. Using my rag I dabbed it along the creases of the bead board and around the edge to create some depth.

Then I placed it in the frame and now I have a great magnet board for my kitchen.

Do you love???


  1. This is super cute! I love that you made it magnetic, I have been wanting to do this to something for awhile now. You should link it up to my party:
    I'm sure several other people would love to see it!

    Keeping It Simple

  2. I'm so glad that you linked to my party! Thanks! I still love this! :)