Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dresser Redo

Ok, I almost forgot to get before pictures. At the very last minute I remembered. This is a dresser I painted like 8 years ago and loved it at the time but the love has faded. So here is the change. I first stripped the top and then sanded and stained it. I painted the remainder of the dresser with this yummy color. I kept the same handles and mmm...I am in love again.
I am just waiting for my hubby to hang that heavy mirror you see to the side.


  1. Hey! Just blog-surfing and remembered that you have a crafty blog, and I love it. This dresser is fabulous! I love the stained top and painted drawers, such a good combo.
    I too love redo-ing furniture, I am hoping to paint up my second of two dumpster chairs (my husband thought I had lost it:) tomorrow if it's not rainy.
    I read an earlier post that you love DI shopping in SLC, if you ever need someone to go with, let me know, I would love to catch up and find some fun stuff, I just need a little bit more room on my side of the garage, it's getting kinda full!

    Great blog and love the projects!

  2. Awesome blog! you've given me some ideas :) thanks