Thursday, March 18, 2010


SCORE,I found this cute little lamp at DI for 1.50 WOOHOO!!Yeah thats what I said!!So I took it home and painted the base brown,didn't like it so much so I sanded it down,ALOTTTT!stained over the top of it and added a brown bow I made out of ribbon!REALLY LIKED IT THEN! Then I bought some flowers cut the stems off so it was just the petals! THEN OH YES I DID,I hot glued them onto the shade!!
AND >>>>>>>>>>>>>WALA>>>>>>>>>>>I am in love with it.IT's for my DAUGHTERS room!

I recovered some more books to set it on top of on her shelf, and I am LOVING it sorry but sometimes I surprise even myself ! Okay now I am off to do yet another lamp:) that's just what I have found there lately!HA HA HA okee dokee wish me luck!!! BY BRIANA

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