Friday, March 19, 2010


I found this LAMP at DI for a little more than I would have liked but 4.00 isn't too shabby!

I found this white shade the same day for 1.00 and it fit perfectly,so I bought them both and put them in the BASEMENT until I could BRAINSTORM what I wanted it to BECOME!

YESTERDAY I was at Walmart and found this fabric on the clearance rack for 1.50 a yard I only needed 1/2 a yard making it .75 SWWWEEET I also found this rope thing I can't think of what it is called .LOL!anyway it was 1.47 a yard so I bought 2 yards. I hot glued the material to the shade!

Then I hot glued on the flat rope thingy!HA HA HA!!

A working lamp for a total of 8.75 OH YEAH!IT turned out very elegant just what I had pictured in my TINY little brain!!
Now I have to find an END TABLE to put it on. So that will be my next treasure to try to find at the DI.MY husband and I are headed to SALT LAKE to go DI hopping tomorrow I AM SO EXCITED!! I KNOW I KNOW I'M A LITTLE TWISTED,but that is my idea of a great DAY!WOOHOO!!! BY BRIANA


  1. It turned out great, that fabric is so nice! Well done!

  2. So cute! Love them both! Good work!

  3. Double thumbs up!!! I love it...